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Tom is passionate about educating people on the dangers of over-device use. He appears frequently on the most popular talk shows and news shows sharing his research, offering insight, and providing advice.

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Tom’s been getting more calls at his private practice than ever before from parents whose children are suffering from anxiety, depression and behavioral issues. And he’s uncovered the reason...

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Disconnected is a must-read for parents, offering simple strategies to reduce screen time as well as a host of meditative and mindfulness techniques to help our kids reclaim their brains, and their lives.

10 Years
Of Research

Tom Kersting began his career as a School Counselor and Therapist almost twenty years ago. Suddenly, in 2007, he noticed an increase in students being diagnosed with anxiety, ADD, ADHD. Tom was intrigued by how devices, social media, and the digital world affected human behavior, particularly with children even back then...

Tom helps families, whether in crisis or just in disaccord...

Hear the Harmful Effects

Hear the
Harmful Effects

Tom Kersting explains to Tucker Carlson how his research began, and some of the alarming case studies, data, and research about the harmful effects devices have on our children...

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Brand New Book

We see it everywhere: at the park, in restaurants, and inside our homes and cars—kids connected to handheld devices and disconnected from the world around ...

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