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5 Rules To Follow After Buying Your Child A Phone This Holiday Season

1. Keep your child’s room clean of screens: Your child should never have any type of electronic device in his room, period. This includes televisions, computers, and handheld devices. No matter how much grief you get, remember that you are in charge. Keep those screens out of the bedroom. 2. Your child’s phone is your […]

Brand New Book

We see it everywhere: at the park, in restaurants, and inside our homes and cars—kids connected to handheld devices and disconnected from the world around them. According to the latest research, the average thirteen-year-old spends eight hours per day, seven days a week, glued to a screen. Yes, this is problematic, but for every problem […]

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting Here is an article on Kars 4 Kids website that I contributed to.

Recent Lecture on technology hurting our kids

Technology is Ruining Our Children

Here is the link to a recent article written by the Bergen Record about my recent lecture called: Digitally Distracted