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Fox & Friends Segment I did on 8/4

Below is a link to a segment I did on Fox & Friends with regards to the over-stimulation of technology that kids are getting.  Remember, this Fall I will be lecturing to parents about parenting in the age of technology.  It’s a great, interactive discussion.  Please tell your local school reps.  For more information send […]

Brand new lecture about parenting in the age of technology overload

Hello everyone, This Fall I will be providing an important new lecture to school parent groups called: IT’S TIME TO TALK: Parenting in the age of technology This will be a unique and interactive discussion with parents.  Parents will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the following: The connection between technology use and mental health […]

Fox & Friends interview

NJ BB-gun law   Did you have a BB gun when you were a kid?


Can Dinner Save My Family

Here is a quick promo for my new TV pilot that airs on The Food Network this Saturday at 3:00 and Sunday at 5:30.


Should first-grader have been suspended for gun with finger gesture?

A 6-year-old first grader was suspended for pointing his finger at another student and saying “pow”.  Does this sound over-the-top to you?  It does to me but there’s more to this story then you think.  Watch my take on this story on Fox & Friends