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Fox & Friends interview

NJ BB-gun law   Did you have a BB gun when you were a kid?


Can Dinner Save My Family

Here is a quick promo for my new TV pilot that airs on The Food Network this Saturday at 3:00 and Sunday at 5:30.


Should first-grader have been suspended for gun with finger gesture?

A 6-year-old first grader was suspended for pointing his finger at another student and saying “pow”.  Does this sound over-the-top to you?  It does to me but there’s more to this story then you think.  Watch my take on this story on Fox & Friends


It’s time for young adults to grow up

Click on the link below to hear my take on Fox & Friends news about the “adult” college student  who decided it was ok to wear a fake bullet belt to school two days after Sandy Hook massacre because it’s a fashion statement.  I’m not buying it.         Student Arrested for […]


Fox & Friends interview

Here is an interview I did for Fox & Friends right after the Newtown Ct. shooting.  Here I’m giving some advice to families across America, insisting that they sit down for dinner together, eliminate all technology distractions while together, and get to know one another again.