Why you should become a vegan

It’s Sunday morning.  It’s beautiful out.  And I feel great.  One month ago I decided to become a full-blown vegetarian/almost vegan.  I say “almost vegan” because I’m just about there.  My consumption of dairy is almost zero.  I would say that around 99 percent of everything going into my body is plant based.

The reason I’ve decided to this is for my health.  Anyone who knows me knows that I consider health to be the single most important thing.  That’s why I wrote Losing Weight When Diets Fail. Without health what do really have?   Monday-Friday, my day begins at the gym at 5:30 A.M.  Forty-five minutes of strength training followed by a four mile run on the treadmill.  I’ve been doing this routine for 11 years straight and on the outside I’m in peek physical condition, especially for my age.  According to my physician, I’m in amazing shape on the inside too.  My cholesterol is 154 with an unbelievable ratio.

I began reading this book, The China Study, about a month ago and after reading about 50 pages I was hooked and I decided to go veggie.  Although I gave up red meat 3 years ago, it was time to give-up chicken, pork and all other animal products.  The China Study is the largest study ever conducted on health and nutrition and most of the research was done by accident.  Basically, the findings show with 99.9 percent accuracy that just about every form of cancer is the result of casein, the chemical found in animal protein.  And furthermore, the elimination of animal products from your diet brings the likelihood of developing heart disease almost to zero.  How can this be you wonder?

Well, let’s take a look at the picture of America first:

  1. 70 percent of all of the food we consume comes from an animal.  Hence, the majority of our protein comes from an animal.
  2. The number one cause of death is in America is heart disease and we have the highest rate of any nation
  3. 67 percent of Americans are overweight, the highest of any nation
  4. The cancer rate in America is the highest of any nation
  5. Type 2 diabetes is off the charts

So I got to thinking about the bullshit we are fed from the food industry, the media and politicians about “proper diet.”  All of this diet crap that is being rammed into our heads is a lot of crap.  Let’s take advice from Dr. Atkins, a man who died of heart disease as a result of being obese.  Yeah that makes sense.  Or let’s listen to Dr. Phil about diet, a man who is no slim chicken.  That makes sense too.  Wake-up people!!!

When the China Study was being conducted, the researchers studied various communities throughout Asia that were total vegan.  Not by choice but because that’s what they were born into.  Not only was it impossible to find a single overweight individual among thousands of people, the researchers couldn’t find a single cancer or heart disease victim.  Not one… This is just one example that you’ll find in The China Study.  Furthermore, when the researchers took their research to the lab using live rats (the closest mammal to the human as far as genetic composition), there findings were mind-boggling.   All of the rats in the study had the same cancerous tumor.  In one group of rats, the researchers fed them a diet of 30 percent animal protein (much less than our 70 percent) and in every case, the tumor grew and the rat died.  In the control group, the researchers fed the rats a diet that was 100 percent plant based.  In every case the tumor shrunk and went away and the rat lived.  Pretty amazing.

I could go on and on about the China Study but I want to conclude with this:  The cholesterol range in America is 180-300.  We’re told that if you’re cholesterol is under 200 you’re ok.  More bull.   In the Asian communities in these studies, the range was 80-150.  You heard right.  That means that my “amazing” 154 cholesterol would be off-the-charts high over there.  That might explain why 39-year-old men with a cholesterol level of 150 can still get a heart attack and die.  Who the hell comes up with these numbers in our country—the beef industry?  I’m shooting for under 100 and I’ll keep you posted.  I do not want to die yet.