Unplugging My Family: Our 30-day-commitment without tv or internet – Day 2

Unplugging My Family

This is my second post about my 30-day personal challenge to go without television or internet from home and help out my fellow New Jerseyan’s who suffered devastating losses do to Hurricane Sandy.  Please spread the word about this as I will be raising money for those in need and also developing a stronger bond with my family.

I lucked out.  The hurricane just left me without power, internet or tv for a a little more than a week.  I’ve decided to cancel my service for another 30 days.  The money I would have spend (about $130) will go to The Red Cross.  Here’s why I’m doing this

Most folks I know complained about how horrible it was living without power  for several or more days.  Call me crazy but I found it to be one of the greatest weeks of my life.  My family and I became closer, I felt completely cleansed and de-stressed from not being able to check emails and stuff, and I got more sleep than I’ve ever gotten.  My hope is that I can inspire other families to “Unplug” for 30 days and discover the most important thing in the world—each other.   I ask that you too take my 30-day challenge.  If you decide to do it, feel free to reply to my daily posts and write about your own experiences.   And as I mentioned, I’m going to donate the monthly cost of my television and internet subscription to the Red Cross to help families who suffered tragic losses from the hurricane.  Feel free to do the same should you commit to my challenge.


Unplugging My Family – Day 2:              Monday, 11/12/12

Well, I got home a little later than expected today, 7:00 P.M.  I walked into the mudroom from the garage and as I strolled through the kitchen toward the family room I noticed my wife, son Matthew and daughter Ashlyn playing the board game Sorry.  Once again no Sponge Bob or anything else coming from the tv.  We soon sat down together for dinner and enjoyed a pleasant meal and conversation.  After dinner Matthew practiced his clarinet and played Ode To Joy perfectly.  I was impressed.  Then it was upstairs to get changed into my PJ’s.  Ashlyn and I layed-down on my bed for a little while  and talked about her day.  The kids then took baths and at around 8:30 it was time to tuck them in.  After they were in bed I meditated in the family room for about 15 minutes (yes, I do this regularly) and headed to bed.  My wife and I talked for a little while and by 9:30 we were both sound asleep.  I can’t believe how early I’ve been going to bed since my tv and internet went out.