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Tom Kersting is a sought after speaker, nationally renowned psychotherapist, author, and television personality. He is the co-host of two former A&E Network television series, Surviving Marriage and Monster-In-Laws and is a regular contributor for Fox News. He appears frequently on the most popular talk shows and news shows offering insight and advice about parenting, relationships and wellness. Tom has also hosted shows for National Geographic Channel, Food Network and Oprah’s Wellness Network. On this page, you will find some links to recent TV, Radio, Online, and Print contributions that give helpful tips and information on parenting, relationships, and this digital age we are living in…

Recent Studies Have Shown Children Spend Just 3 Minutes a Week in Meaningful Conversation with Their Parents...

Hear the Harmful Effects

Hear the
Harmful Effects

Tom Kersting explains to Tucker Carlson how his research began, and some of the alarming case studies, data, and research about the harmful effects devices have on our children...

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Recent Segments

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