Tuning-in to YOU

At this point in my life I have achieved just about every goal I’ve set out to achieve, but I’m nowhere near finished.  As I sit here writing, I’m trying to figure out how to express what’s going on in my mind and emotions at this very moment.  All I can say is that I feel excited and it’s not for any specific reason; it’s just something I feel all the time because I’ve created this feeling by working with my thoughts and emotions.  I’ve become extremely kinesthetic over the years as I spend a good deal of time tuning-in to myself, exploring and forming my thoughts and feelings.  I’m extremely self-aware and I strive to get everyone I come in contact with to experience the same.  Call it bliss or happiness.

This hyper-awareness I’ve created also allows me to feel the frequency of other people within seconds of meeting them.  And some how I instinctively know how to transfer my positive frequency towards those whose frequency is weak.  Essentially, I know how to connect with people and therefore help people.

As a psychotherapist I’ve learned that it’s not just my words that help my patients but the emotional signals I invisibly transmit to them.  It’s hard to explain.  Look at it as establishing a rapport with people without saying all that much.  It’s this rapport, this connection that facilitates trust and therefore offers hope.   What I’ve learned during my own journey of inner connectedness is that the only way to effectively connect with and help another human is to be connected with oneself.  This is why people I’ve never met come into my office and without saying a word I can tell them what their problems are and offer them hope.  Many people think I’m a mind reader and in a way I am, but I’m really more of an emotion reader.  One’s emotional energy is the signal to what he/she thinks.

The key to helping others is to be able to feel their frequency and the only way to do this is to be in touch with your own frequency, to know your inner self.  Your frequency is malleable; it can be shaped.   This is why I establish trust with my patients almost immediately and it is precisely why I am able to help tune-in to the right frequency and help them change their lives.

Earlier this week I had a patient I was meeting for the first time.  Although he couldn’t explain what his problem was, I felt his disconnect before he even stepped into my office and I knew what the problem was.  He was like a piano that is out of tune.  I explained to him what his energy, his frequency, felt like to me.  I likened it to a radio station that starts getting fuzzy after you’ve driven a considerable distance outside of its frequency.  His response: “that’s exactly how I feel.” I instructed him to go home that night, and sit in his chair by the window in his living room that overlooks the beautiful grounds of his complex.  I told him that I wanted him to sit there silently for 15-20 minutes every night for the next week and do nothing but stare out at the beautiful oak trees and just think.  This is where he would discover his inner self, where the clear frequency lies.

This inner meditation with self doesn’t only create abundance and tune you in to a positive frequency, it is also a reservoir of opportunity – opportunity to visualize and feel your way towards whatever it is you desire.

Every day I start of the day by tuning-in to me.  In other words I go inside of myself.  I explore my inner thoughts and feelings and I formulate those thoughts and feeling that I want.  I vividly imagine and feel my goals and dreams and I’ve been doing this for many years.   Amazing things have happened for me and I have ton’s more amazing things on the horizon.  So do this:  if you’re feeling hopeless, stressed or fruitless, stop tuning-out (worrying and thinking externally) and start tuning-in (intending and imagining).    Go sit in that chair by the window.