This summer I read a fantastic book called “Clubhouse Confidential”, written by Luis Castillo, a former New York Yankee bat boy.  Luis’ tenure ran from 1998 to 2005 and in the book he talks about working with the modern day Yankee greats like Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Bernie William, Joe Torre and Roger Clemens.  The book offers a wonderful behind the scene glimpse of these iconic players.  What I respected about the book was that it did not “slam” any of the players, except for one—Alex Rodriquez.

I’ve always been a Rodriguez fan and take everything that the media writes about him with a grain of salt, until I read Clubhouse Confidential.   Rodriguez is the only player that Castillo does slam, but in a very diplomatic way.  I was quite disappointed to hear about how real A-Rods “ego mania” disease is.  Yes A-Rod is one of the greatest players of all time and has more money than any of us will ever dream of but the man has no friends.  His own teammates can’t stand him and most of society can’t stand him because he is so full of himself.

The question I ask is how did the Governor of New Jersey  slip through the cracks?  I happen to live in New Jersey but I’m not going to share with you my thoughts about Chris Christie because my political views are my business.  But I can tell you that just about everyone I meet in New Jersey loves the guy.

Check out this video and make your own assumption.  The Governor has a reputation of being a “tough guy” because he talks down to people and demeans them a lot.  In the video he calls a former Navy Seal an “IDIOT”, that’s right — a former NAVY SEAL, as in John Rambo.  Am I hallucinating?  I wouldn’t dare talk to a Navy Seal like that, but then again I don’t have an entourage of armed secret service agents to protect me.  Would Christie call a Navy Seal an “idiot” if he didn’t have armed guards protecting him?  Is “tough guy” an accurate description of him?  You be the judge.

One word of advice to all of you:  treat people with respect and you’ll have many friends.  Disrespect people and you’ll live a very lonely life.