My new book, Disconnected: How and Why We Should Rescue Our Kids From Their Electronic Devices will be released December 23, 2016. You can pre-order the book on Amazon by clicking here: Disconnected

Book Blurb: We see it everywhere: at the park, restaurants and our homes and cars—kids connected to hand held devices and disconnected from the world around them. According to the latest research, the average 13-year-old spends eight hours per day, seven days a week, glued to a screen. Yes, this is problematic but to every problem there is a solution.

In Disconnected, psychotherapist and school counselor, Tom Kersting explores the device-dependent world our children live in and how it is affecting their mental and emotional wellbeing. Research shows that too much time in the cyber world is re-wiring kid’s brains, affecting their ability to flourish in the real world as anxiety, depression, and attention issues soar.

Thankfully it is not too late to save our children. Kersting provides simple strategies to help reduce screen-time as well as a host of meditative and mindfulness techniques to help our kids reclaim their brains, and their lives.