Tom Kersting SpeakingThe single most important measure of success is to develop an unwavering motivation

Tom Kersting is available to speak to corporations, schools, parent groups and organizations.

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Tom’s personal story of motivation and perseverance will inspire anyone to go out there and get what they want out of life.

This is an incredible story of how sheer perseverance and an unshakable  “glass half full” approach to life transformed Tom from a small town kid with little hope for success to a nationally recognized author, psychotherapist and television personality.


Digitally Distracted: The high cost of technology on your child’s mind, body and emotions

Kids today spend countless hours texting, social networking, watching t.v., and playing video games and computers.  This over-consumption of technology effects the brain and can lead to struggles mentally, emotionally, socially and academically.  In this one hour presentation Tom explores the adverse and positive impact that the digital revolution is having on kids today.  Tom provides parents with the tools they need to foster a healthy media environment for their kids, and for themselves.

Creating a Health Conscious Work Environment

80  percent of all health care costs are driven by 20 percent of employees.  Education and motivation are the most important pieces of the health puzzle.   Understanding the causes of weight gain and developing a  motivation to lead a healthy life are two milestones in the prevention of health risks that gobble up the corporate profits.Let Tom show your employees the mental keys to improving physical and emotional health.

Losing Weight When Diets Fail: The Power Programming™ Method For Diet-Free Weight Loss

Learn the Power Programming ™ techniques that have helped countless people to lose weight and keep it off—without dieting.

Tom Kersting, author of Losing Weight When Diets Fail (Harbor Press, April 2007) will show you exactly why your cravings control you and how your subconscious mind affects your choices.  You’ll learn simple mental programming techniques that will have you effortlessly avoiding overeating and junk food.  And you’ll learn how to trigger a relentless motivation, turning your exercise desires into a reality.

The Power Programming ™  Method For Stress Management

Are you constantly  under the gun? Are stress and worry consuming you?    We stress about money, work, family and health, but we don’t have to any more.

In this seminar, Tom is going to help you bring it down a notch.  You’ll begin with a personal reflection and then learn powerful techniques that will have you living a life of peace and harmony, not worry and fatigue.

Stressed, Overweight, Scared: A whole new generation of kids

Being a kid today is different than it used to be, and so is raising them.  Ipods, play stations and instant messaging have replaced kick-the-can and tag as the activities of choice.  Stress levels are through the roof.  Food is everywhere—and obesity is an epidemic

All of this is affecting the physical and mental health of our kids, and if we don’t do something about it now, our kids will be in big trouble later.  Whether you’re a parent, counselor or educator, this seminar is going to show you what you need to do in order to help your child live a healthy and happy life.

Drinking and Drugs:  What’s really happening out there?

In this 90 minute parent seminar, Tom gives parents an insider view of what’s really going on out there.  As a school counselor and therapist, Tom has seen and heard it all—directly from the kids.   Bottom line—kids are much more involved with drinking and drugs than parents think, and if you don’t believe it, then you had better attend this seminar.

In addition to the stories, statistics and experiences that he will share, Tom will also teach parents effective drug prevention strategies.

Character and Ethics:  Where have you gone?

What is character?  Think back to when you were a kid.  A phone call from the school was sure to bring serious consequences at home.  Using inappropriate language in front of an adult just might get your mouth washed out with soap.  And getting caught cheating on a test was sure to get you grounded for the rest of your life.  It’s not like that anymore, folks.

In this seminar, Tom brings adults back to reality, back to good old-fashioned parenting, back to good –old-fashioned character education.   It is up to us to impart genuine values and integrity upon our children.  It is up to us to hold them to a higher standard and to teach them responsibility.  If we don’t, then we’re sending our children the wrong message.