Parenting in
the Digital Age

We see it everywhere: at the park, in restaurants, and inside our homes and cars—kids connected to handheld devices and disconnected from the world around them. According to the latest research, the average thirteen-year-old spends eight hours per day, seven days a week, glued to a screen. Yes, this is problematic, but for every problem there is a solution.

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Tom Explains
in Detail

The average kid today spends more than eight hours per day, seven days a week plugged-in to electronic devices. The result is a malleable brain that has literally been re-wired (its’ called neuro-plasticity) to assimilate well in a virtual-world but not so well in the real world. Kids brains are simply unable to cope with “real-life” issues and the result is chronic anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression, poor social skills, academic failure and family relationship problems.

This extraordinary lecture is an eye-opener for anyone who attends. Parents leave empowered and armed with solutions...

Research Makes It Clear

In 2009, the spike in adolescents being diagnosed with ADHD was backed up by research that showed the link between technology and our brains.

Cyberspace Children

The birth of social media creates alarming statistics on children’s use of technology, including the adverse affects, including physical abnormalities.

Social Media & Self-Esteem

The dopamine that’s released with every “like” on a photo or every “comment” on a post is addictive, and will drive our children’s self esteem in negative ways.

Meditation Anchors Us All

The quality of our children’s lives is only as good as the relationship they have with their inner self. Meditation is an anchor, an integral part of this connection.

A digital detox is sometimes necessary...Tom can help.