Some quality family time

So I’m heading home from Disney on a flight next to my beautiful little daughter.  She’s in the middle seat doing a mosaic as I write and watch and praise her.  My wife and son are in the row in front of us.  Our trip to Disney began a little bit on a sour note.  When we boarded our flight from JFK last Tuesday night we realized that only two of our four seats were together.  Thankfully the two seats that weren’t together were a row apart.  The flight was full and I asked a lady if she wouldn’t mind switching seats so that I could sit next to my son or daughter.  The problem was that my seat was a middle seat and the lady wanted no part of it.  God forbid she was to sit in a middle row for 2 hours.  I was definitely a little pissed but I try not to judge others.  What would you have done?  I know what I would have done.  I was so tempted to sit my 5-year-old daughter next to the woman instead of sitting my 8-year-old son next to her.  You see my daughter can talk the ears off a donkey.

Anyway, our trip was wonderful.  The weather was perfect, my in-laws (not monster-n-laws) met us in Florida and we visited Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  By the way, my daughter is right next to me in the middle seat and is talking the ear off the lady next to her at this very moment.

I’ll be home in a couple of hours and I am taking it all in on the last leg of my journey.  There is nothing more precious than spending time with the people I love.  I get sad at times thinking about my kids growing.  If you have kids, cherish every second you spend with them.  And if your too busy with work or other things in life, you better find a way to get less busy with that stuff and more busy with what matters most—your family.