Sign the Contract

Having a contract when you issue your child a cell phone (or any electronic device) is imperative for establishing boundaries. Make sure to spell out the "dos" and "don'ts" as well as the consequences that will occur when rules are broken.

Device-Free Bedrooms

Having electronics in the bedroom is proven to create a difficult environment for children to relax. In order to keep bedrooms device-free, try creating a nighttime "charging" station where devices are kept overnight safely locked away.

Meditate on This

While meditating and doing yoga as a family may seem light years away from where you currently are, there are simple ways to set a subliminal meditative mood for our family, without overdoing it. Look to your senses for clues!

Aim to Eat Together

Sitting down to dinner together is essential to developing deep, lasting family relationships. In today's drive-thru world, it is becoming less and less common, unfortunately. Make it your goal to eat together at least 3 nights a week.

Time To
Go Outside

The natural habit for children is outdoor play, not sitting in from of a video game or other electronic device. The yearning to be in nature is within every human being, but if we don't nurture it, we create bad habits in its place. In this video, Tom gives you an example of the street where he lives and how he encourages outdoor play for his kids and the neighbors kids. Together let's unplug America.

Our children learn best by our actions, not just our words. Model healthy balanced behavior with screens and social media...

Hear the Harmful Effects

Hear the
Harmful Effects

Have you heard of the new sleep walking? It's called sleep texting and the fact that this is real is pretty frightening. Tom explains this harmful effect of over-device use. Let's all commit to looking out for the warning signs in our families.

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