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“”>Tom Kersting's Golf Psychology CDGolf Psychology CD

  • Improves your focus –  Improves your confidence – Improves Your game – Clears away mental clutter


Tom Kersting's Weight-Loss for the Mind CDWeight-Loss for the Mind CD

  • Eliminates cravings – Improves confidence – Increases Motivation – Leads to easy weight loss


Losing Weight When Diets Fail Tom’s book Losing Weight When Diets Fail: the clinically proven Power Programming method for amazingly easy, fail-proof, diet-free weight loss

Your subconscious mind is like a computer. For years you’ve been programming it with eating habits that make you overweight. The Kersting solution for losing weight and keeping it off is power programming, his method for uninstalling the subconscious mind’s make-me-fat software and replacing it with new programming that will make you want to exercise and eat wholesome foods in moderation.

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