the Mood

While meditating and doing yoga as a family may seem light years away from where you currently are, there are simple ways to set a subliminal meditative mood for our family, without overdoing it. Look to your senses for clues! The right lighting can often set a calm environment, lowering stress levels naturally. Choose light that has soft undertones, similar to natural sunlight. Better yet, keep shades open as much as possible to let the natural light in. Weather permitting, open the windows to let fresh air flow through the room!

Add Levity
with Lavender

The number of children and teenagers developing anxiety disorders is on the rise year after year. Research has shown the link between these disorders and devices. In many homes with increased demands on the parents in the workplace, and increased anxiety amongst the children, tensions run very high. Adding soothing scents can lower stress levels significantly. As a matter of fact, in ancient times lavender was used to tame tigers and lions! I'm certain it can add some calm in your home, too. There are a number of ways to subtly add lavender, whether it be by diffuser, candles, mixed in with lotions, soaps, bath water, make a delicious lavender lemonade, or dried lavender can be used to make sachets! Add some in, and lighten the tension in your home.

Connect to
Your Inner Strength

Nobody wants to feel preached to, especially adolescents. Our children are more inspired by our behavior, and how we live in our daily lives. When they see us tapping into our strength,, our inner power, and our core values, they may just follow suit. So, be sure to sharpen your belief system - whether it's reading the Bible, saying a prayer, meditating, going to Temple, or exercising, do something that brings you inner strength. Set goals for yourself, and follow through. Make sure you honor your core values in how you respond to difficult or challenging situations. Our values system helps us to have peace, calm, and walk with a "lighter step". When our children experience the joy, compassion, and kindness you exhibit, without you telling them, they will begin to do the same.

Research Makes It Clear

In 2009, the spike in adolescents being diagnosed with ADHD was backed up by research that showed the link between technology and our brains.

Cyberspace Children

The birth of social media creates alarming statistics on children’s use of technology, including the adverse affects, including physical abnormalities.

Social Media & Self-Esteem

The dopamine that’s released with every “like” on a photo or every “comment” on a post is addictive, and will drive our children’s self esteem in negative ways.

Meditation Anchors Us All

The quality of our children’s lives is only as good as the relationship they have with their inner self. Meditation is an anchor, an integral part of this connection.

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