Make Time For Family

I don’t know about you, but my life is pretty damn busy. Regardless, my wife and kids absolutely come first. I plan my entire schedule around them, and I’m proud of that. Although they are my family, I also have my other family: my parents and my 3 siblings. All of us live within 15 minutes of each other and although we talk most days, I barely see them. And it’s 100% my fault.

I decided to invite my parents over for dinner yesterday. After I hung-up the phone I said to myself, “why don’t I ask my twin-sister to come over too.” Duh!! This is the person I spent the first 9 months with in my mother’s womb and although we are very close and love each other very much, we don’t spend that much quality time together. Again, my fault! Well, she and her daughter did come over too and we all enjoyed the butternut squash lasagna I made. Well at least I did. But the moral of this story is this:


Mine is a stone throw away and I’m lucky if I see them once a month. I actually feel guilty about this and am now making a commitment to see them more, whatever it takes. Unfortunately my schedule is only going to get busier as I continue to travel around the country filming episodes for my upcoming television series. So here’s one thing I did: I talked to my twin about flying-out with me to one of the shoots and she is super-excited. I can’t wait….