It’s time for young adults to grow up

Click on the link below to hear my take on Fox & Friends news about the “adult” college student  who decided it was ok to wear a fake bullet belt to school two days after Sandy Hook massacre because it’s a fashion statement.  I’m not buying it.





Student Arrested for Wearing Fake Ammunition Belt on University Campus




Just days after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, a college student was arrested for wearing a fake ammunition belt. 20-year-old Andrew Despres spent a week in jail before his $50,000 bail was reduced to $500. Did the police overreact to this “fashion statement” or is the arrest justified?

Prior to this incident, the student had been expelled from college for possession of a knife and marijuana. Before returning to the school to collect his belongings, he was supposed to contact the university police. When campus security recognized him, he was arrested for trespassing and carrying ammunition.

Friends and family, including his mother, are coming to his defense, saying he always wore the fake belt in the past and it’s merely a fashion statement. Psychotherapist and school counselor Thomas Kersting isn’t buying that excuse.

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This morning on Fox and Friends, he said there’s no justification for wearing a belt of that nature in the light of the Newtown tragedy. “Maybe he could get away with that 20 years ago but […] you got to have a better sense, better common sense than to show up on campus with a fake belt of bullets on.”

Kersting asserted that as a society we have kept 18-23 year olds in a perennial time warp of adolescence. He said, “It’s time for us as parents to start holding our kids accountable at a young age into adolescence and into young adulthood so that they make more responsible decisions in their life.”

  • Shintao

    Hmm, maybe the problem is, it is time for the “adults” to grow up!!! Take a look at this society, adults have made it, from the fake ammo belt, the wars, the violent interacting video games, real to life slicer horror movies, clothes statements, tattoos, piercings, and on and on. Stop exposing children to society crap for a profit. We make children and teens what they are today, what they do, think, etc. Blame ourselves!!!