Is technology leading to animal attacks

I know this sounds crazy but it sounds like things have gotten so out of whack with technology and social networking that we’re putting ourselves at risk for animal attacks.   That’s what I said; technology is actually causing more animal attacks?  Let me explain.

I started reading this article (Alaska bear victim pleads for help in 911 call) because I’ve been to Alaska and I love it, and I happen to like bears.  The article is about a guy who climbed 30 feet up a tree after being mauled by a grizzly (good thing it wasn’t a black bear; they can climb trees).  As I was reading the article it hit me; it was another story of technology-gone-bad.  And you know how I feel about technology and how I believe it’s hurting us more than helping us.   Here’s a quote from the article:

“People are getting too close to the animals with their cell-phone cameras without the zoom power of regular cameras, said Dave Battle, a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.”

Battle believes the rationale behind this behavior goes like this: “I want to get a picture, a close-up picture, so I can post it on Facebook and all my friends from all around the country can see what a neat place I live in.”

This supports what I’ve been saying all along.  Many of us have become so desperate for attention, so needy, that we actually risk our lives to get a close-up picture of a wild animal (a large and dangerous one at that) just to get a few “wow’s” from our facebook friends.  Unbelievable!!

Do yourself a favor and leave the camera/video phone behind when you go for a walk in nature.  The “oneness” with nature that you’ll discover just might help you turn inward a little bit more where you’ll find your real self-esteem.  This way you won’t need to post pictures on facebook to feel good about yourself.