Caught in the Middle


I’ve always been a big fan of Deion Sanders.  He was an unbelievable football player and is a great NFL analyst but I think Deion fumbled the ball on this one.  He dragged his kids into his divorce.  According to the media, Sanders divorce from his estranged wife has been a nuclear one.   She was arrested today for domestic assault and unfortunately the attach happened in front of their children.  Deion retaliated to the assault by posting comments on twitter along with a photograph of he and his boy’s filling-out police reports (see above).  If that’s not “dragging your kids into the middle of your divorce” I don’t know what is.  Don’t get me wrong his ex-wife is just as guilty.   Attacking Deion in front of their children is also “dragging your kids into the middle of your divorce.”

I have worked with countless divorced families over the years and the thing that always amazes me is not only the alarming number of kids who are caught in the middle of their parent’s divorce but also the alarming number of parents who are in denial of it.

I’ll be interested to see how Deion reacts to the comments that are sure to come from involving his kids in his divorce—nationally.  Will he swallow his pride and admit to his mistake or will he be in denial and try to justify his actions?  I sure hope Deion does what’s right.  If he does, I’ll forgive him.  Will you?