Catching Up To The Times – Time To Inspire

This is my very first post in an effort to start promoting myself and give you folks some useful advice.  I’ve got a lot going on between the job at the school, my private practice, speaking engagements – and now my own reality television show.  Yes, you heard right, I will be the host/expert for a new docu-drama series that will begin airing on a major cable network this June.  All I can tell you right now is that the show is about family relationships, will be on prime-time and is being produced by one of the hottest production companies in the country.  I’ve already taped two episodes and will be doing a lot more.  More to come on this after the network has done its press release.

Useful advice before you go to bed tonight:  Right before you fall asleep, fill your mind with everything positive that you have experience todayI guarantee you will wake up in a great mood.  I know what I’ll be filling my mind with – the big, warm, loving hug and kiss that my daughter gave me when I tucked her in.