A Sad Happiness

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Chattanooga Tennessee taking it all in.  The name of the hotel is The Chattanooga Choo Choo.  It’s an old train station that has been converted into a hotel.  It’s a pretty cool place that has train-car rooms, shops and restaurants.  I’m lucky enough to have a balcony overlooking a really cool pool.


As I’m sitting hear, I’m thinking a lot about my family.  I miss them.  Although I’m only gone a few days and although my kids are still only 8 and 4 ½ I can’t help but think of all the wonderful times I’ve had with them.  The pool that is directly in front of me reminds me of the many resorts I’ve been to with my kids and of the first swimming strokes they ever took.


The hotel reminds me of times when my son was 3 or 4 years old and how we’d sit by railroad crossings waiting for trains to come.  Oh what a thrill that was for him.  It reminds me of all those Thomas The Tank Engines he was once so fascinated by.  Now he’s a regular boy who’s more interested in baseball, basketball and football.


I guess I’m writing this because as I’m sitting here with some free time on my hands, my mind can’t help but wander.  And although I’m actually quite sad right now, it’s a sort of “happy sad.”  I guess I should be grateful that when my mind wanders and thinks about the past, the thoughts are good ones.


Do yourself a favor:  the next time you find your mind wandering around a bit, embrace the positive thoughts.