Christie’s FOURTH divorce

Christie Brinkley is going through her fourth divorce; yes that’s what I said—her FOURTH.  And this is what she had to say:

“I can now say unequivocally I would never get married again. There’s absolutely no reason to. I learnt in my divorce that marriage is ridiculous,” she told the newspaper when asked about her past marriages. “You take a vow but you don’t get brownie points when you honor your vow and the other person doesn’t.”

I think never getting married again is a good idea Christie.  It’s not your forte.  But Christie, can your marital woe’s really be your husband’s fault—all four of them?  Christie, is there something you could have done differently in your four marriages?

This is an issue I run into all the time with couples who are having problems; they don’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions.  It’s just easier to point the finger.  If you’re going through a divorce ask yourself this question:  What could I have done differently?  Make sure you answer this question unequivocally or you’ll probably find the same fate the next time around, and the next, and the next.  Just ask Christie.